Investor Relations

Business Ethics

Ethics on Support of Anti-Fraud and Corruption

The Board of Directors adheres to transparent business operations under legal frameworks, principle of ethics and good corporate governance guidelines, supporting anti-corruption campaigns, with full awareness that corruption is detrimental to the development of the country’s economic, social and national security systems as defined in the Corporate Governance and Business Ethics Manual.

The Company has supervisory measures in place to ensure that employees comply with anti-corruption policies and practices and provides channels where complaints and information on dishonest practices can be sent to the Audit Committee, which comprises independent directors, by posting and e-mail to, as given in the Company’s website, Annual Information Report Form (Form 56-1), the Company’s Annual Report and Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics Manual for processing and submission to the Board of Directors. The Company also has a policy to protect the provider of information or clues and treat the information with strict confidentiality, with measures on investigation and punishment under relevant regulations. In 2017, there were no reports or cases of fraudulent activities involving the Company and/or affiliated companies.

  1. Supporting enhancement of awareness, value, and attitude among employees to perform duties honestly, transparently, fairly, and with respect of laws and regulations; drive for embedment of anti-fraud and corruption as part of organization culture; and administer the business according to the good corporate governance principles.
  2. Putting in place a sufficient and appropriate internal control system, and develop the review, control and check-and-balance system and mechanism to be appropriate, clear, and efficient, to prevent employees from conducting any fraud or taking part in any fraud and corruption.
  3. Employees must not perform any acts in a manner of demanding or receiving presents or benefits from other persons who have duties or businesses related to the Company, except in case of traditional occasions or festivals when it is customary to give presents. However, such presents must not be illegal objects. Employees shall also not use their positions or duties to seek benefits for themself and/or others in an undue manner.
  4. Providing a communication channel to receive filing of complaints or notifying any suspicious clues with a policy to protect the people who give information or clues and keep such information confidential, and put in place measures to inspect and set penal provisions according to relevant rules and regulations.
  5. Supporting activies held by various agencies or organizations to help support anti-fraud and corruption.