Q : What’s the company business?

A : The Group operates its business under the philosophy to work creatively, produce high quality contents, and embrace up-to-date technology, resulting in highly satisfied customers from the beginning of the Company. The Group divides its business into 2 main categories as follows:

1. Core Business

consisting of

Music Business

The business operates under the “Total Music Business” model, including artist selection, music production, marketing, music content management, and product distribution in term of physical products and digital products, focusing on variety of music production to satisfy the customer demand. The Group has more than 300 artists, singers, actors, and actresses under management, and more than 40,000 songs in its music library. Music Business can be arranged into 5 sub businesses: sale and distribution of physical products, Digital content, Copyright management, show business, and artist management (Read more)

Digital Terrestrial TV Business

The Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) held an auction of 24 licences for commercial digital television frequencies, separating the channels into 4 categories: 3 channels for children's and family programming, 7 news channels, 7 variety standard definition channels, and 7 variety high definition channels. The Company bid for and won 2 variety channel licences which are GMM 25 under standard definition and ONE Channel under high definition. Those 2 channels started broadcasting since April 2014. (Read more)

2. Other Business

which supports and extends the main business, for sustainable growth of the Group over the long term, consisting of

Media Business

The business operates under the “Integrated Media Business” model, consisting of radio, Free TV on analog TV system from leading content creators within the Group Company

Movie Business

It operates under GTH Co., Ltd. It had aimed to continue producing quality films at a rate of 3 - 4 a year. The movie genres will differ from each other, such as comedies, romances, romantic comedies, and horror movies. GTH Co., Ltd. is well-equipped in terms of production and personnel, it has skilled teams working. This is a key reason that enables GTH Co., Ltd. to offer new and novel things that have proven consistently popular among viewers. (Read more)

Home Shopping Business

Home shopping business is a business of 24 hour distribution of goods through program channel “O-Shopping”, where customers can choose products, even from their own residence. The Company created a phenomenon of interactive home shopping programs that are superior, fresh, novel and unique, offering knowledge about products in a straight manner in all aspects, called Shopfotainment Channel (shopping, information, and entertainment). The company focused on variety of product selections with high quality, well-known and widely accepted by customers (Read more)

Satellite TV business

Satellite TV business can be divided into 2 main components which are “GMM Z” Satellite TV Platform and Satellite TV Media which is the production of TV shows to be aired on satellite TV channels (Read more)

Q : What’s the Company Revenue Structure?

A : The Company’s Revenue Structure 2016

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Q: What’s the Company Shareholding Structure?

A : The Company Shareholding Structure

Free Float As of 26/03/2021
Minor Shareholders (Free float) 2,063
% Shares in Minor Shareholders (% Free float) 20.23

Overview As of 26/03/2021 Rights Type : XM
Total Shareholders 2,416
% Shares in Scripless Holding 96.34


Major Shareholders # Shares Shares (%)
Mr. Paiboon Damrongchaitham 392,834,599 47.91
Mr. Thaveechat Jurangkool 134,635,723 16.42
Mr. Nuttapol Jurangkool 81,122,700 9.89
Bualuang Long-Term Equity Fund 24,437,800 2.98
UOB KAY HIAN (HONG KONG) LIMITED - Client Account 22,932,520 2.80
Mr. Komol Juangroongruangkit 22,720,000 2.77
Bangkok Bank Public Co., Lt 12,278,693 1.50
Mr. Fahmai Damrongchaitham 9,342,400 1.14
Mr. Rafah Damrongchaitham 9,000,000 1.10
Mrs. Hathairatn Jurangkool 8,983,700 1.10

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Q : When does the company hold Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM)?

A : According to Chapter 5 of the Articles of Association, The Board shall arrange for an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held within 4 months after the end of the fiscal year of the Company. GMM Grammy’s Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders is usually held in April.

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Q : When will the shareholders receive the notice of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM)?

A : The Company will announce the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and deliver the notice to the shareholders 30 days prior the meeting. In addition, the company will publish the notice of the meeting and proxy form on company website for shareholders can be downloaded easily.

Q : What should shareholders do if they can’t attend Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM)?

A : In case that a shareholder can’t attend in person. Shareholders may appoint a representative to attend the meeting as proxy form attached to the Notice of AGM and Proxy Form can be printed from the website "www.gmmgrammy.com". The proxy does not need to be GMM Grammy’s shareholder. Shareholder must appoint only one person to attend the meeting and vote.

Q : What’s the company dividend policy?

A : GMM Grammy had a policy to pay consistent dividend to shareholders, linked to the underlying earnings performance of the business. In the absence of unforeseen circumstances, GMM Grammy has a policy paying the dividends to shareholders at a rate of not less than 40% of the net profit after corporate income tax each year, based upon the Company’s separated financial statements. This dividend policy may change in the light of investment opportunities that may become available to GMM Grammy or as a result of other economic or financial factors or when a dividend payment may have a significant impact on GMM Grammy’s normal operation. The dividend payment shall not exceed the retained earnings of the separated financial statements. As GMM Grammy is on the investment period in new businesses, we did the omission of dividend payment since the second half of 2011 in order to reserve cash for the ongoing projects under the Company's business plan.