Vision, Mission and Long Term Goal

Vision, Mission and Long Term Goal

The Board of Directors will review the Company’s vision, mission, and long-term goal every year, so as to determine and adjust the Company’s business targets and directions to suit the situation as appropriate. The Board’s Meeting No.1/2024 on February 28, 2024 reviewed and affirmed the vision, mission, and long-term goal as stated below.


To be a leader in a fully-integrated entertainment business and to engage with consumers through multi-channels sustainably.


  • To be the holistic content provider with artistic creativity, innovation, and the invention of Music, Films, News, Entertainment, Commercial Media, and Artists.
  • To invest, produce, manage and distribute content through advanced media integration that delivers a wide variety of entertainment experiences to people, and future society.
  • To create business models to expand commercial business opportunities locally and globally.

Long - Term Goal

To be a leading company with excellence in content creation locally and globally.