Sustainability Management Policies and Goals

Sustainability Management Policies and Goals

The Board of Directors adheres to ethical principles in operating business with good corporate governance practices, along with having responsibility for the community, society and environment, as well as taking into consideration the expectations of every group of stakeholders therefore has integrated these together in formulating operational strategies to create shared values between business and society leading to sustainable business growth. The formulation of operational strategies for sustainable development covers 3 dimensions namely economy, society and environment. All departments of the Company are to implement concrete practices in operating policies for sustainable development as follows:


  1. Following good governance principles in business operations and effectively managing risks.
  2. Building brands by creating relationships between business and customers to create impressions making customers happy and feel attached to the company.
  3. Work with alliances, both, in Thailand and abroad to continuously develop capabilities of the company to compete and create opportunities to expand the contents into international markets.
  4. As a Content Provider and Trendsetter of the Media and Content Industry, focus on creatively making quality content for marketing as well as cultural arts creating shared values between business and society
  5. Present contents that cover all communication channels such as online, on-air and on-ground, with the most interest in online channels.
  6. Creating products and services through digital innovation to enhance business potential.
  7. Exploring investment opportunities to strengthen and create continuous growth
  8. Good Corporate Governance under Ethical Business practices, emphasizing on transparency, fairness, accountability, respect for laws and regulations etc.


  1. Fair Treatment and attentive care of personnel
  2. Improve the quality of life in the community and society with attentive caring and sharing
  3. Co-creating a strong community and a drug-free society by being socially responsible in continually engaging in anti-drugs campaigns supporting Thai youths to stay away from drugs.
  4. Support and promote activities that uphold graceful customs, traditions and cultural heritage as well as conducting oneself in a good religious manner by regularly sponsoring religious activities.
  5. Arrange various projects to provide help and relief for fellow human beings who have suffered in various ways.


  1. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation as well as reducing the impact and operating in an environmentally friendly manner.
  2. Reducing carbon emissions in business processes and promoting the use of renewable energy.
  3. Reducing and recycling waste from business operations
  4. Organize trainings, campaigns to create awareness among employees on conservation and use of resources, and various energy smartly and efficiently
  5. Continually create and support activities that are beneficial in the preservation, conservation and utilization of natural resources, the environment and various energy.