Sustainability Management Policies and Goals

Sustainability Management Policies and Goals

Concepts and Policy on the sustainability Management

The company is committed to conducting business according to the organization's philosophy, vision, and mission, which is an essential foundation that leads to the goal of creating sustainability for the best interests of the company and stakeholders throughout the value chain. The company is committed to operating under good governance and good corporate governance principles, being responsible for the community society, caring for the environment, and considering all stakeholders' expectations. All of the above are integrated into the policies and strategies for sustainable development to create shared value between business and society, leading to sustainable organizational growth.

The Board of Directors has an important role in setting policies and strategies for sustainable development. Therefore, sustainability development has been integrated into every operation step for all departments to implement concretely. The strategy for sustainable development covers all three dimensions: economy, society, and environment, under the principles of good corporate governance in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs). From a total of 17 goals, the company selects nine goals to integrate as a strategy for sustainable development, as follows;

  1. Create economic value with the creation of works of international quality and adhere to good corporate governance principles
  2. Take care and develop the human resources to ensure the high-qualified personnel
  3. Participation in social responsibility
  4. Promote environmentally responsible operations for sustainable coexistence.

Sustainability Policy