Right of Shareholders

Right of Shareholders

The Board of Directors gives high importance to and respects the rights of all shareholders equally and provides convenience to them in exercising their rights in various matters, whether they be their basic rights or the rights they deserve such as the right to sell or transfer stocks, the company profit sharing, the shareholders' right to obtain the adequate information on the Company and in a timely manner, the voting right in the shareholders' meeting to appoint or to demote the directors, the remuneration of the Board of Directors, the appointment of a certified auditor, the approval of the audit fee and other issues which may significance effect the company, etc. and will not act in a way that will violate the shareholders’ right.

The Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors supports organizing of the shareholders’ meetings which take into account the rights and equitabilitiy of shareholders for the attendance of meetings according to the laws and good corporate governance principles. The annual general meeting of shareholders is set to be held once a year within 4 months from the last day of the fiscal year (The Company’s last day of the fiscal year is December 31 of each year). In case where there are urgent matters for special meetings to discuss issues that affect or relate to the shareholders’ benefits or are related to regulations, laws that require urgent approval from the shareholders, there will be a call for an extraordinary meeting of shareholders case by case. The Company’s guidelines are as follows:

  1. Before the date of the shareholders' meeting
    • Proposing agenda items, nominations of directors and advanced queries, the Company provided an opportunity for shareholders to propose agenda items and qualified persons to assume the post of director before the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. In the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, shareholders can make proposal from Octorber 30, 2019 until January 30, 2020 on the Company’s website on the menu “Corporate Governance”, item “Shareholders Information. It has come out that, during the designated period, no shareholder proposed any agenda item or nominated any qualified person to assume the post of director to the Company.
    • Presentation and information delivery to shareholders, the Company has appointed Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD) as its securities registrar to send the meeting invitation notice, documents and other information which is important and necessary for decision-making to shareholders (in English in case of foreign shareholders) in advance before the meeting date and in accordance with laws or/and regulatorys concerned. In the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company has disseminated the invitation notice and all relevant information (excluding annual report) on its website in Thai and English more than 30 days prior to the meeting so that shareholders will have sufficient time to study the information in advance for decision-making In addition, the Company advertised meeting notices in newspapers to inform shareholders of the date, time, venue and agenda items in both Thai and English or 3 consecutive days and at least 3 days prior to the meeting.
    • Facilitation and encouragement for shareholders to attend the meeting, including institutional investors, with the following policies:

      Meeting venue at a suitable location, with enough parking spaces and convenience transportation, with the venue’s map being enclosed with the meeting notice.

      Meeting schedule not on a public holiday or during long holidays of at least 3 consecutive days, not too early in the morning or late in the evening.

      Proxy: There were 3 types of proxy forms attached with instructions and convenience in sending the valid proxy form together with supporting documents in advance to the Company Secretary prior to the meeting day for the Company’s staffs to examine the documents before the proxy’s arrival. The Company allowed the Board of Directors to nominate 4 independent directors as proxy holders to attend the meeting and vote on shareholder’s behalf.

      Staffs and technology are in place to provide services and examine documents for the meeting’s participants, for the sake of convenience, speed, accuracy and verifiability.

    • Information disclosure of each agenda in the Invitation Notice, opinions of the Board of Directors of each Agenda as well as purposes and reason. Both positive and negative (if any) are clearly indicated. For the shareholders’ meeting will have the following agenda items:

      Disclosure of Financial Performance to clarify the financial performance in the previous year including assets, revenue, expenses and profit/loss, including the management discussion and analysis (MD&A) reported in the Annual Report enclosed with the enclosed with the Invitation to the Annual General Meeting

      Remuneration of directors to clarify the guideline of Remuneration of Director in both monetary (e.g. Monthly Remuneration, meeting allowance, annual bonus) and other benefits agreed by the nomination and remuneration committee.

      Nomination of directors, the Company indicates the directors’ names and summarizes profile of each director to be nominated, such as name and surname, age, education background, work profile, number of companies in which such person is a director by divided into listed companies and other companies, positions in other competitor / related companies which may cause any conflict of interests, nomination criteria and procedure, type of director to be proposed such as Director or Independent Director. In case of nomination of the existing director to reassume the position, details of his/her meeting attendance in the previous year and his/her term/years in office shall also be provided. In case of the appointment of independent directors, the Company shall disclose its definition of "independent director" as defined and determined that the Company's definition is equal to or more concentrate than the minimum requirements of the SEC and the SET, including any information of any conflict of interests of such independent director on the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates or entities may have a conflict at that time or during the last 2 years.

      Nomination of auditor and fixing of audit fees, the Company gives details on the names of certified public accountants and their company to be the auditor, experiences and competence as well as independence of the auditor and qualifications acceptable as the Company’s auditor and approved by the SEC. Audit fees and/or other fees (if any) will also be clearly indicated so that shareholders can consider appropriateness before making decision.

      Payment of dividends, the Company discloses its dividend payment policy, proposed payment rate and amount comparing to net profit, retained earnings and earnings per share as well as payment rate of the previous year, together with reasons and supporting information. In case of no dividend payment, clear reasons and supporting information will be given.

      Other matters with impact on the Company, such as determination and amendment of articles and memorandum of association, decrease or increase of capital and approval of extra items, etc. The Company will clearly indicate objectives, rationale, positive and negative (if any) impact, as well as opinions of the Board of Directors for each agenda item.

      For the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company sent a meeting notice of at least 1 month in advance to shareholders through various channels, namely, the Company’s website, SET portal and notices of shareholders’ meeting. The meeting notice contained agenda items, the Board’s opinions with other supporting documents such as facts, objectives, reasons of the Board’s opinions, the Company’s Articles of Association relevant to the meeting for the shareholders to consider in each agenda item, together with the minutes of the previous shareholders’ meeting, containing the voting method, vote counts, list of all the directors attending the meeting (including the absent directors), list of executives attending the meeting, the voting inspector who was an outsider witnessing the vote count and the conduct of the meeting, questions from the shareholders and answers in the meeting, meeting’s resolutions with the numbers of votes Agree, Disagree and Abstention for each agenda item where voting was required.

  2. On the date of the shareholders' meeting
    • The Company requires the meeting to be held according to the laws and taking into account convenience as well as rights and equitable treatment of the shareholders. Company staff are to provide convenience by checking documents of the meeting attendees 1 hour and a half before the meeting commencement and barcodes are used to facilitate and expedite registration.

      At each shareholders’ meeting, the Chairman, the directors, the Group Chief Executive Officer, Chairmen of all sub-committees and the management attend the meeting to allow shareholders to ask questions relating to the Company. The auditor of the Company will perform as the inspector to ensure that the meeting is conducted with transparency, compliance to applicable laws, rules of related regulators and the Company’s Articles of Association.
    • Before the meeting commences, the Group Chief Executive Officer who chairs the meeting will introduce the attending Board members, Chairmen of sub-committees, the management and the auditor of the Company, to the meeting and assign the Company Secretary to proceed with the meeting.
    • The Company Secretary will notify the meeting of the quorum consisting of number of shareholders attending the meeting in person, number of shareholders attending by proxies and number of shareholders authorizing independent directors as their proxies, with clarification of voting and vote counting methods to the shareholders before the meeting commences. According to the Company’s Articles of Association and the Public Limited Companies Act, Section 107 (1), 1 share is equivalent to 1 vote. In the event of a tie of votes, the Chairman will have the casting vote. Voting condition for shareholders or proxies is also be explained.
    • The Company Secretary would conduct the meeting in accordance with the sequence of agenda items given in the notice of shareholders’ meeting (except that the meeting resolves to change the sequence of agenda items in accordance with the provisions of the Public Limited Companies Act that requires the votes of at least 2/3 of the shareholders attending the meeting) and for fairness to shareholders who do not attend the meeting, no other agenda items not specified in the notice of shareholders’ meeting shall be added in the agenda. However, to allow shareholders to exercise their rights under law, shareholders who hold a number of shares combined not less than 1/3 of the total number of shares sold may ask the meeting to consider matters other than those specified in the notice of shareholders’ meeting.
    • The Board of Directors has provided for the use of ballot tickets in every agenda item that requires voting. This is for the purpose of transparency and auditability in case of an objection occurring thereafter, while votes are to be counted and the results thereof are disclosed and the meeting’s resolutions are clearly recorded in the meeting’s minutes.
    • The Chairman allocates sufficient time and opens the floor to the shareholders to voice their opinions, suggestions and questions on each agenda item and regarding the operations of the Company. Important queries, clarifications and opinions shall be noted in the meeting minutes for acknowledgement by the shareholders who cannot attend the meeting.

    In 2020, the Company organized the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on July 3, 2020 at 2.00 pm at the Auditorium Room, 50 GMM Grammy Place, Sukhumvit 21 Rd (Asoke), Khlongtoeinuea, Wattana, Bangkok . 11 out of 11 directors attended the meeting (with attendance rate of 100%), comprising Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairmen of Sub-committees, together with top management, representative from Legal Department and auditors, The representative of external auditor would serve as the inspector to ensure the transparency, completely, laws and the Company’s Article of Association compliance and in case of dispute arising in respect of examination and voting throughout the meeting. The Chairman of the meeting appointed the Company Secretary to conduct the meeting. The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders resolved to approve all the agenda items proposed.

    In the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, there were a total of 45 shareholders attending in person, representing 432,428,975 shares, and 79 shareholders by proxy, representing 158,372,598 shares. There were 27 shareholders attending the Meeting by proxy granted to the Company’s Independent Director, representing 143,468,996 shares. The total number of attendants who were shareholders and proxy holders was equal to 124 persons, representing 590,801,573 shares or 72.0534% of total 819,949,729 subscribed shares. The quorum was thereby constituted according to the Company’s Articles of Association. The Board of Directors promoted 4 Independent Directors, whom represent shareholders, attending and voting throughtout the meeting. The Company has opened registration for 2 hours before the Meeting.

    At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, there were no agenda items of other businesses that had not been specified in the meeting notice.

  3. After the shareholders' meeting
    • The Board of Directors assigns the Company Secretary to prepare minutes of the shareholders’ meeting to be complete and accurate with the following details:

      Names and positions of directors, members of Sub-committees, top management and auditor who attend or absent at the meeting (If any).

      The meeting quorum consisting of number of shareholders who attend the meeting in person, number of shareholders by proxies and number of shareholders authorizing independent directors as their proxies.

      Methods of voting on each agenda item and vote counting before the meeting commences and the way the ballot cards are used to count votes.

      Votes which approve, disapprove and abstain on agenda items which requires voting and identifying names and number of shares of persons who are not entitled to vote on each agenda item (If any)

      Key questions, clarification and opinions.

    • The Company will announce resolutions of the meeting via the news system of the SET by the next business day by identifying approval, disapproval and abstention votes on each agenda item and prepare meeting minutes in both Thai and English and submit them to the SET and relevant agencies within 14 days from the date of the meeting, as well as disseminate the meeting minutes on the Company’s website so that shareholders can inspect without waiting until the next meeting. There is also a sound database where meeting minutes are available for inspection and reference. In addition, video recording of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was prepared to be provided to interested shareholders in form of VCD which was notified to the shareholders via the news system of the SET.